29 stycznia 2017


The Gszarim Foundation was officially established in 2016, with the purpose of changing the world for the better and making it a place where memory of the past serves to support actions that shape our future. The goal of the Foundation is to build bridges, overcome stereotypes, commemorate the Polish-Jewish history and nurture the development of the Jewish community in Poland.

Jewish.pl – Website of the Jewish community addressed to Polish Jews and people interested in Jewish culture and history, run by members of the Jewish community and professional journalists.

Sokolow Podlaski – For several years we have been honoring the memory the Jewish community of Sokołów Podlaski. Since 2011, we have been organizing commemoration of the anniversary of the liquidation of the ghetto in the city. We have also initiated a competition for children and several educational workshops.

Sokolow.jewish.pl – Since 2017, we have been publishing Polish translations of Yiddish books on the history of Sokołów. Our translations can be usefull for all residents of the town, who until now – due to the language barrier – could not get to know this part of their history.

Books.jewish.pl – Website dedicated to interesting Jewish books, written by Jewish authors or on the subject of Jewish history, art and culture. We read, review, talk with authors, inform our readers about new publications.




The aim of the Foundation is to work in the field of education and publishing, especially in the promotion of culture, history and heritage of Polish Jews. The Foundation implements its statutory objectives by: a) administering a website promoting knowledge of the Jewish community in Poland and in the world; b) involvement in research, education, publishing, exhibition and cultural activities; c) working with individuals and institutions whose activities are convergent with the objectives of the Foundation; d) cooperation with local authorities, government, NGOs, and academic and research institutions in Poland and in the world in the field listed in the objectives of the Foundation; e) initiating and financing projects, also in collaboration with other organizations, both in Poland and abroad.

We received support from:

Association of the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland


Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration


The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee


Polish History Museum



The Gszarim Foundation is composed of experienced, enthusiastic people, who are highly knowledgeable in their fields.

Piotr Cywiński

Chairman of the Foundation – historian, medievalist, social activist, director of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, co-founder and president of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation; in 2000–2010 – president of the Club of Catholic Intelligentsia in Warsaw, and in 2005–2007 – vice president of the Wikimedia Poland.

Piotr Tarnowski

Member of the Foundation Board – since October 2007 director of the Stutthof Museum. Member of the Museum Board at the Central Museum of Prisoners of War in Łambinowice-Opole, vice president of the Pomeranian Branch and member of the Board of the Association of Polish Museologists. Awarded the medal “Pro Memoria” (2009) and the Silver Badge “For merits in the penitentiary work” (2015).

Jerzy Giebułtowski

Member of the Foundation Board – translator, co-founder of the Textura Foundation.

Piotr Kadlcik

President – longtime chairman of the boards of the Jewish Community of Warsaw and the Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Poland. Social activist.

Katarzyna Markusz

Member of the Board – journalist, graduate of the Institute of Journalism at the University of Warsaw, winner of awards of the Embassy of Israel and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, co-founder of Jewish.pl, correspondent for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in New York.

Contact us:

15/2 Mieroslawskiego Street, Warsaw, 01-549, Poland
e-mail: kontakt@gszarim.pl

Support us:

Our bank account: 43 1140 2004 0000 3102 7667 7296 (mBank)

PayPal: kontakt@gszarim.pl